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Sunday, September 26, 2010

A quest for vintage textiles

I have spent the better part of two weeks on the lookout for some vintage textiles for window treatments. What a great option for my customers but oh what a challenge it has been. I have found several fantastic table cloths and napkins, but am still looking for that special something to make some really fantastic window treatments out of.

One might ask...Why? Well, there is nothing better to me than a beautiful piece of artwork made before my time. The beauty is unmatchable, the softness of the fabrics are remarkable, and the overall look is timeless. Almost as if time just stopped.

This week I found some beautiful antique laces, hand made table cloths and a couple of feed sacks. These are going to be the newest direction I take as a textile artist. WHAT CAN I MAKE? That is the hardest decision. So many things come to mind that I just can't decide on one. But I promise that it will be fun and interesting to say the least. Maybe on my quest this week I will mix some of the new with the old and see what I come up with....

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