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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The Dressed and Undressed Window

Windows are the Eyes to your home. They are a place to showcase your style from the inside and out.

The surprising fact that magnificent drapery hardware and beautiful window coverings are a MUST have. It will warm up any room in your home, and is considered one of the finishing layers to pull a room design together.

Some things to keep in mind when choosing Window Coverings:

1. Privacy: How often do you use the room in the evenings with the lights on. How important is the view from this window, how close is the window to the street and traffic. Unless you are hosting a panoramic city view in Manhattan, these are serious considerations when choosing the right window covering for you.

2. Fabric: How much sun does this window get. Is it a North facing or South Facing window. This will greatly influence your fabric choices. Fabric for window treatments are meant to be soft and flowing, so a heavy velvet or chenille will definitely not be the direction you would want to take. Window treatments that are constructed out of Upholstery Fabric will never achieve that look that you are really looking for.

3. Lining: The choices are endless.... but always, always, always line your drapes. It extends the life of the window treatments. It also will extend the life of your FURNITURE, helping with sun rot and fading that occurs to furniture and flooring when exposed to sunlight. Drapery Lining also offers a thermal value to your home, helps with heat and sunlight in the summer and cold drafts in the winter. We usually recommend an ivory lining to ease the contrast between window treatments and trim on the outside of your home.

4. Curb Appeal: Always, Always, Always consider how your home looks from the outside. Consider curvy treatments to bring interest to your homes curb appeal. Consider making sure if you have multiple windows on the front of a colonial home that they appear to look the same from the outside so as not to confuse the eye and make the outside of your home appear unbalanced. Always, I mean Always consider Ivory Lining for all of your window treatments, or Blinds. These steps will insure a cohesive finished look outside, and will be well worth the investment!

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