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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Don't Neglect Your Lighting

Lighting, Lighting, Lighting. Never forget the lighting. Three types of lighting are required to make a room work:
Task lighting, (Table Lamps, floor lamps)
General Lighting (Over head, Chandeliers, flush mount lights, recessed lighting),
Accent Lighting (under cabinet lights, Sconces, and direction photo lights)

**Try when possible to add dimmer switches to all over head general lighting. This step helps save electricity and can really add a mood to any room.**

A gorgeous lamp can speak to you when you enter a room. Never settle for ordinary. Think out of the box and use your table lamps as a showcase for your home. They always take on a design of their own when they are turned on in the evening. Think of them as the canvas to your personal style.

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