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Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Perfect Room

The perfect room should always reflect your personality. Don't ever imagine that those jaw dropper rooms we see in the magazines are real!! Yes, they are real rooms, but keep in mind that most of the time a lot of the accessories in the room are overstated for photographs.

While accessories are always important, so is functionality. Realistically, if your coffee table is full of books, and flowers, there is no room for the real necessities like, a cup of coffee, or the book you are really reading. Having been involved in the way that photos are taken and STAGED for magazines, you would be surprised what really happens. I urge anyone reading, the next time you look through a magazine and admire a particular home, or photo shoot, look at the accessories. If you study them like I do you will find that the same props have been shot repeatedly in the same home. Staging is all part of the appeal of each and every magazine on the market!

Who wants a home that you cant REALLY live in?
***Image taken from The latest Traditional Home Ocean House*****

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